Yaron Shamir


Trapped in the moment, cut off from the world, I search for the words that will allow me to get closer to fantasy through reality.

Moving like a blind clown on a thin grey line between hallucination and reality, I dive into a process of transcending the world of consciousness into infinity, knowing that will I build bridges the madness will begin when these two opposite worlds meet.

The urge for perfection within this process is spattered with compromise.

I wait.

Watching the others and myself.

Realizing that I am trying to name my fears.

What remains is to take responsibility for the consequences of what is left in the end. 


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Bilder: Annette Plaz


Born in Israel, lives in Berlin, started his dancing – choreographic carrier in 1998 after a 4-year long military service as an officer. Since then, he’s been working in Israel and Europe as a dancer and choreographer. Received a scholarship from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Education. Since 2009 developing his own projects, which were presented at international festivals, Opera houses and theaters in Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, poland, Belgium, East Europe  and around the world.


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