Chris Cawkwell

‚Air Bank‘

We live in an age of excess and over consumption; an urban sprawl of odours, tastes and sights that bombard and harass – its material plenitude, the crowdedness of it all conjoined to dull our sensory faculties. The age of the consumer. An age where anything can become a commodity and sold, if there is a willing buyer; In 2005 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s „air“ reportedly sold on eBay for £340.

Air Bank invites the gallery visitor to commodify their own air by breathing into a air tight jar, labeling and signing, and placing on a shelve. In the event that one day the participant becomes a celebrity or renown public figure, the signed jar of „air molecules“ will be placed on eBay and sold, to the gain of the artist.

Bild: Jana Winter Bild: Jana Winter

IMG_0834 IMG_0831IMG_0830 IMG_0832
Bilder: Stefan Winter

Bild: Benedikt Wohlleben Bild: Benedikt Wohlleben

Chris Cawkwell

Born in Leicester 1985, lives in London. Chris Cawkwell is a visual artist whose work explores the relationship between global

marketing and consumption. Utilizing contemporary technologies, performative and interactive elements to critique the social systems and processes which operate around us and highlight the rate at which products are consumed and commodified.

Cawkwell graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art in 2012. Exhibiting nationally and internationally; in Mumbai, India, as part of cross-collaborative venture Project India (Asia Arts Projects & the 1%-ers Art Collective, 2011) and Tokyo, Japan, part of Tokyo Wonder Site’s Creator in Residence program (2012).

He has completed residency programs at Space 118, Mumbai, (2011), Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, (2012) and at the Bohunk Institute, Nottingham, in preparation for solo show Sensorama (2013). His work forms part of the permanent collection at Space 118.

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